Siddha medicine and AIDS

Siddha medicine and AIDS

The Tamil Siddhars are 18 enlightened men and women who wrote down the causes of 4,448 different disease and prescribed medicines. AIDS was called "Vettai Noi". AIDS syndrome was already known to the Siddha system of medicine. It was further classified into 21 types, most of which are caused due to wrong diet, excessive sex causing depletion of prana. (By stating this, Siddha medicine does not mean to judge people or make a moral stand but meaningless sex depletes a person emotionally, physical and spiritually. Underlying all sexual acts is the quest for love, intimacy and acceptance).The chief cause of "Vettai Noi" is the defects in the three humors -Tridohas.

REFERENCE:Dr. V. Narayanaswami. Introduction To The Siddha System of Medicine. Research Institute of Siddha Medicine. 1st ed. Madras: 1975All footnotes are from above book1 and 2. pg 23. pg 6, 4. pg 7, 5. pg 8, 6. Pg 16, 7. Pg 15, 8. Pg 31, 9. Pg 36Other recommended referencesM. Govindan. BABAJI and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition. 3rd ed.

AIDS -An approach through Siddha System of Treatment .

This is a condensed report of the submissions handed in to the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha, India. I have only added four of the submissions . There were a total of twelve submissions by doctors and practioners of the system of medicine. All information below has been adapted from the report.


Caution: Do not attempt to ingest/prepare any of these herbal, metals minerals without the advice and consultation of a Siddha practioner.

A)Indigenous Herbal Medicines to cure "Vettai Noi"

The 18 Siddhars of the Siddha traditional have classified 4,448 diseases and prescribed medicines in the form of herb, roots, salts, metals and mineral compounds. AIDS was classified as "Vettai Noi" as early as a few thousands of years ago in the cradle of ancient prehistoric civilisation in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.Siddha system is based on hypothetical and biological laws of nature. The Siddhars, were pioneers to the world in the field of minerals, metals, and medicinal herbs. They found out the methods of processing metals, minerals, herbs and natural raw materials to make churnams, chenthurams and leyhams, etc. (Churnam is powdered formulation, leyhams is thick batter like formulation).Vettai Noi, was further classified into 21 types, most of which are caused by depletion of the Prana and/or Ojas through excess indulgence and abuse of the body, rendering the immune system weak and susceptible to pathogens .The chief cause of "Vettai Noi" is due to the three humors, Tridoshas and mainly due to AzhalKurtrum (Pittam or bile, acidic nature) exhibited in the blood stream.

The following herbs are recommended for the effective treatment of "Vettai Noi".
1. Aragumpul (Cynodon Dactylon Pers)
2. Karisalinkanni(Eclipta Alba Hassk)
3. Musu Musukkai (Mukai Scavrillia)
4. Thoodhovali (Solanum Trilobatum Linn)
5. Jeeragam (Luminum Cyminum)

Arugampul is used to cure: heampotese, phlegmatic-respiratory problems and disease related to eye and head, epilepsy, sleeplessness, liver cirrhosis, ulcerated wounds, diarrhea. The herbs acts as emollient, astringent , diuretic and styptic (causing contraction of organs or tissues, astringent qualities).

Karisalinkannee (Karisalai or Potralai Kayanthakari) has regenerative effects and rejuvenative properties, on the human metabolic activities. It activates the liver, spleen and bone marrow in boosting immunity against diseases. The herbs act as hepatic tonic, chologogue (stimulated flow of bile into duodenum), purgative and deobstruent.

The Karisalai has as its contents, reducing sugar, sterols, sulphur, gloveocides- proteins, phenols, tannic and sapomine. It further more acst as a Kaya kalpha herb improving intelligence, endowing wisdom and provides a healthy lustre to complexion.The over benefits of the above herbal medicines cures most of the diseases that arise out of the disorder of the liver and spleen. It can be summarised as liver, spleen tonic, boost stamina/libido, increases alkaloids (increase alkalinity in body- most diseases arise out of an acidic environment in the body) and glucosides and cures uraemia ( raised levels of nitrogenous waste compounds in the blood , excreted in by the kidney -which results in nausea, drowsiness,etc).

Musa Musukkal is used to cure many respiratory system illness of cought, chest pains,etc. It is used as a expectorant and has an astrigent qualities.
Thoodhovali-another Kaya kalpha herb increases strength by toning the respiratory system and bone marrow function, thereby removing the defects arising out of Silethamam the 3rd humor. It acts as a stimulant tonic and expertant, allowing the body to be purified to increase the metabolic activities. This leads to an increase in body weight, builds muscle mass, and increases libido.

Jeeragam -has carminative and astrigent properties. It is a remedy for illness like stomaches, dysentry, asthma, T.B bronchitis, disintegrates stones formed in liver, spleen and renal tract.It improves digestive capacity aiding increase in body weight. Jeeragam acts on all parts of the abodomen, especially on the liver, spleen, urino-genital system, bone marrow, and blood -respiratory organs.
Thus, these five herbal medicines, Aragumpul, Karisalinkanni, Musu Musukkai, Thoodhovali, Jeeragam were used to eradicate most of the disease of the liver, spleen, bone marrow, blood, respiratory organs, urino-genital organs, resulting in good improvements in the general condition of the body.As an adjunctunct to the above herbal medicines, sandal wood produts are used. The most common is as, massage oil or incense. Sandalwood has properties of disinfectant, astringent, cooling, diuretic and diaphoretic.

"B)Siddha Sysyem of Medicine for treatment of AIDS

Other Siddha medicines that could be prescibed under medical supervision and adminstered for AIDS as supportive therapy are as follows:
1. For purification of blood: Kanthaga Rasayanam, Paranki Pattai churam, Palakaria Parpam
2. For reducing fever: Linga chenduram, Gowri Chinthamani, Thirikadugu Churnam, Rama Banam, Vadha, Piththa, Kaba Sura Kudineer
3. For persistent diarrhea: Thair Sundi churnam, Kavika churnam, Amaiodu Parpam
4. Revitalizers and rejuvenators to the disabled immune system of the body: Orilai Thamarai karpam, Serankottai Eagam, Thertran Kottai leyham, Amukkara,
5. Antiviral drugs: Rasagandhi Mezhugu, Murukkanvithtu, Masikai, Edi Vallathathy mezhugu
6. Restoration to the disturbed mind: VallaraiReference: Dr. V . Kalidoss, Siddha System of Medicines for Treatment of AIDSC)

The Treatment for AIDS prospects in Sidha Medicine

In this report, it emphasized the fundamental concept of the body's immunity gets heavily depleted by excess indulgence as stated by the Siddhars. Siddhars have evaluated that Azhal thathu is responsible for the defence of the body. Disease takes place with the deterioration of the Vindhu thathu.(As per Thirumoolar Thirumandhiram it has been described that 6400 drops of blood cells make one drop of Vindhu , i.e 80 drops of red cells make one drop of white corpuscles and 80 drops of white corpuscles make one drop of Vindhu. Thus 80x80 = 6400 drops of blood cells makes one drop of Vindhu. If extensive loss of Vindhu occurs in one human body naturally it wil reflect on blood cell. Source: Dr. S. Thirunavukkarasu, AIDS an approach through Siddha System of Treatment)Hence with the deterioration of Vindhu thathu, disease that arise are as follows : pain, skin lesions, formation of nodes, malignancy, fistula, abcess, cervical adenitis, inquinal adentitis (adentitis is inflamation of the glands), ulcers in the loin, eczematous eruptions, pustules, constipation, TB, diarrhea, chronic dysentry, anaemia, jaundice and upper respiartory infections. Siddha medicines are formulated such as they have a total rejuvenating effect on the body's thadus and not only effective against a particular disorder.The special feature of the Siddha medicine is that most of the preparations are in compond formulation, and because of its synergistic action, toxicity is being diminished, therby increasing bioavailability through the cells of the body. The pharmacodynamics of this sytem is entirely different from other systems of medicines

C.Drugs that could be prepared for AIDS may be classified as follows:

1. Herbal preparations- Serankottai Nei (herbal ghee), Mahavallathy leyham, Parangi rasayanam

2. Herbo mineral preparationsGandhak Parpam, Gandhaka rasayanam

3. Herbo mercuric preparationsIdivallathy mezhugu, Poorna Chandrodayam(From my understanding of mercurial compounds used in Ayurveda/Siddha the mercury is undergoes a 18 step process of oxidation. The end results is an ore or derivative of mercury.)

4. Herbo-mercuric-arsenial preparations-Rasagandhi mezhugu, Nandhi Mezhugu, Sivandar Amirtham, Kshayakulanthan ChenduramApart from these medicines other Siddha medicines mentioned by other parctioners can be also be used with the above.Reference: Dr. Anadakumar, The Treatment for AIDS prospects in Siddha Medicine

D) The Scope of Kalpa drugs in the control of HIV infection

‘Kalpam' is defined as the panacea intended for prolonging life for an indefinite period. It is said that while taking kalpha drugs , one should strictly follow the prescribed diet.The list of kalpa drugs given by different Siddhars slightly varies from one onother. To study the kalpa drusg in detail the works of Bohar, Machamuni, Konkanavar, Karuvurar ( these are 4 of the 18 Siddhars) and others should be taken into account.Method of adminstration of Kalpa drugs.Kalpa drugs are given only after adhering to certain preliminary processess.

1. Vazhalal Kazhatral (removal of mucous secretion from throat)The juice of Karisalai (Eclipta Alba) with ghee is painted over the uvula as well in and around the tonsil to enable the mucous to be vomited out. This process should be repeated once in the early morning for a period of 40 days for the complete removal of poisonous effects from the throat.

2. Malam Kazhatral (cleaning of the bowels)-the juice of Katrazhai (Aloe Vera) is mixed with castor oil and used as a lubricating enema-a decoction of Kadukkai (Terminalia Chebula) is asafe and gentle laxative without griping pain or other discomforts.

3. Milagu Karpam-after completion of the preliminary courses the next drug to be taken is Milagu (Piper nigrum). Pepper is to be taken daily 5 in numbers with the suitable medium. It should be increased at the rate of five perday up to a maximum of one hundred . Then it is gradually reduced at the rateof five per day. The time taken for the entire proces is 40 days . This Karpam tones the entire body.

4. Karanthai karpam (Basil plant)There are 19 species of which Sphaeranthus Indicus, Sphaeranthus Hirtus and Sphaeranthus Zeylanicus are the most important species for therapeutic use.Any of the above mentioned is dried, powdered and mixed with sugar at the ratio of 4:1.This drug is taken daily 40 grains with honey, in two divided doses, on an empty stomach. It helps in eliminating the pathologic symptoms caused by the Pita and Vata.

5. Seenthi (Tinospora Cordiflora) given for various kinds of fevers. It is a good tonic for strengthing the entire system.

6. Vembu (Azadirachi Indica)-riped bark tones up the nervous system-improves the skin and connective tisues.

7. Karisalai (Eclipta Protrata), Kuaimeni (Acalypha Indica), Siruseruppadai (Mollugo Lotoides)These three drugs together reduce fat, tone up muscle, expel gas from stomack and ‘kabam" from respiratory system, and gives skin a healthy glow. (Kabam is mucous)

8. Karuvumathai- Black datura is a rare species. The whole plant when bruised and taken, mixed with sugar is capable of rejuvenating the sytem.

9. Medicated oil bath:Milagu- Piper NigrumManjal-rhizomes of Curcuma AromaticaKadukkai-fruits of Terminalia ChebulaNelli-fruits of Emblica OffinalisVeppam vithu- seeds of Azadirachta IndicaA paste made out of the above ingredients in equal parts, cows milk and butter is used extenally for taking bath twice a week while taking kalpa drugs.Diet: The diet in the course of kalpa drugs is to be without common salt, tamarind, fish, meat and pungent foods. Sex should be avoided.

Kapla plants capabale of rejuvenating the system very quickly are :
1. Pon seenthil -Yellow moon creeper
2. Pey churai- Bitter bottle gourd
3. Sarkarai vembu- Scoparia Dulcis
4. Karunchithra moolam- Plumbago Capensis
5. Karunchithakathi- Sesbania Grandiflora (small black variety)
6. Karu nelli- Black Goosebery
7. Nagathali- Opuntia Dilleanii8. Karu maruthu- Terminalia Tomentosa
9. Pey kadali- Cicer Arietinum (wild variety)

Capable of toning up the system:
1.Senkottai- Semicarpus Anacardium
2. Pon kaiyan- Eclipta plant bearing yellow flowers
3. Pon oomathai- Datura plant bearing yellow flowers
4.Thillai- Excoecaria Agallocha

Prolonging life:
1. Sarkarai vembu-Scoparia Duclis
2. Kodi nelli- Indian Gooseberry( creeper variety)
3. Azhu kanni-Indian weeping tree
4. Thozhukanni- Telegraph plant

Nervine tonic:1. Nillappanai- Curculigo Orchiodes
2. Kattu jathikkai- Myristica Malabarica
3.Vetrilai kasthuri- Hibiscus Abelmoschus
4. Etti- Strychnos nux-vomica (also a homeopathic remedy)
5. Neer birami- Bacopa Monnieri
6. Vishnu kranthi- Evolvulus Alisnoides
7. Sangu pushpi- Clitoria Ternatea

Siddars not only depend on rare herbs for kapla treatments. They use certain minerals and metal also. It is beleived that with the help of rare single kapla plant , mercury, sulphur, arsenic, etc., may be consolidated to stand the test of fire.Siddha kapla drugs of mineral compounds contain chiefly gold, mercury, sulphur and salts.

Mercurial compunds are highly effective as anti-syphilitic, nervine, tonic, stimulant alternatives and bacterostatic. Small doses of calcined oxides prepared according to the Siddha method ensures certainty of effect and absorption in the system.

Sulphur:Calcined sulphur or red oxide of sulphur can be obtained by solidating it first by the Siddha method of purification. In small doses, it conserves the body, and it is diaphoeretic and alterative. Therapeutically, it is used as both extrenal and internal remedy against skin diseases, rheumatic arthritis, asthma, jaunduice and blood poisoning.Arsenic:As per Siddha kalpa, purified and consolidated arsenic is effective against all fevers, asthma and anaemia.

Gold:It is alterative, nervine tonic, antidote to poison and a powerful sexual stimulant. Very little is absorbed in the system. Care is taken to see that calcination of gold is free from metallic state and lustre to ensure safe absorption in the system.Thus, these drugs and metallic minerals can be screened for its anti-viral, immune stimulant and immuno-modulator activity. As HIV negative people have taken Kalpha drugs for rejuvenation and long life, it is believed that if Kayakapla therapy is thoroughly investigated using modern parameters it might lead one to find whether these drugs could be used in preventative or curative benefits in AIDS or other denegrative disorders.

Reference: Dr. S. Rajalakshmi, Dr. G.Veluchamy, The Scope of Kalpha drugs in the control of HIV Infection dlc0421